Baron Prize


Original video has been made to watch on phones and share in reels

For this project I got together with London based activist Jason Domino to create and express a message through a piece of work looking into the possibilities of bringing representation of a community to a new audience, provoke them and challenge their thoughts.


The video submitted for the Baron prize is called “Every single pixel” and is a series of stills\frames in movement. A kind of digital anarchy that achieves all the rules of censorship that exist in social media in order to be published. I’m presenting censored images that mimic an explicit sexual fantasy but with out shape. I had published part of the work in social media and it has never been deleted or censored by Instagram or Facebook. Due they meet the necessary requirements against censorship. Not a single still/frame of the audiovisual project has an explicit image. The effect is created by putting together a sequence of censored images converging together.


The aim of "Every single pixel" is to show the conflicts that sex workers and artists face that wraps sex in their creations. Sharing your work in this digital era means getting censored/blocked/canceled in media.


This project features Jason Domino. Jason is an activist and sex worker who is addressing the shame and bullying sex workers are victim of, and is advocating the responsible use of PREP to avoid HIV transmissions. I met Jason a month ago at the The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London when I was visiting the exhibition Decriminalised Futures. It featured the work by different artist with art pieces inspired by the Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement (SWARM). When chatting with him the passion he has about his role and activism in the SWARM community. I immediately realised that he was the ideal performer to showcase the message of ‘Every single pixel’.

The way that this project game to be started with a previous work called ‘Isolation’. During the creative process of ‘Isolation’ I developed a distinct video-technique that was the result of experimentation with pixels and video. For ‘Isolation’ I created a series of self portraits and a video I during quarantine. When isolation gives you the time to think differently the creative process becomes highly stimulated… Human- and sexual behaviour has always been one of the biggest inspiration in my work, since its packed with energy and feelings. 

My job is fashion and commercial photography but during isolation in the pandemic Covid-19 I discovered my voice as an artist. As an artist, through audiovisual pieces, I can express the deepest messages, including political topics and also give voice to the topics that are close to my heart such as sexuality. ‘Isolation’ has been published in August 2020 by  À PART art & fashion Magazine - Isolé Issue and I”M HORNY London. ‘Isolation’ was a personal way of expressing the artists sexual energy in quarantine and laid out the fundament to create ‘Every Single Pixel’. 


The future prospects of the “Every Single Pixel” project is to create a series that brings together the different voices of leaders of the sexual scene to communicate about sexuality with more force. This series will be in collaboration with TLMYRS (Tell Me Yours), A digital and pop up physical safe space to meet and bond with like minded people to talk freely about sex, and break taboo topics such as kinks and fetiches.  


There are many voices that need to be listened to, there are many messages that need to be spread to the masses, and there is Art that can tell and express by itself something in a beautiful way with representation of members of the community.


Carlos Victimo